This meal plan is ideal for those wanting to lock in lower pricing, but not wanting meals delivered weekly.  You will select the number of meals that you would like to purchase, and each time you place an order, the number of meals that you order will be deducted from the total number of meals that you have purchased.  You are required to order at least 5 meals, each time that you place an order to be delivered.  However, there is not expiration on this plan; use them as you want them.  When you are ready to order, submit the meals that you would like to have delivered for the upcoming week that you are interested in purchasing. You will receive your meals during our normal Monday delivery. (For complete details click here)

  •   24 Meals = $  348
  •   48 Meals = $  672
  •   96 Meals = $1296
  • 300 Meals = $3600

Orders submitted by 8 am on Friday’s, will be delivered on Monday (if you reside in Oahu), Tuesday (if you reside in any other Hawaiian Island).  Orders submitted after Friday at 8 am will not be delivered until the following week. 

    • 348 $
    • $

    Double Your Protein for Only $2 Extra Per Meal!

    • $
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