Temporary Closure due to COVID-19 Pandemic and Current State Restrictions

Under state of emergency and shelter in place restrictions, and having the governor of Hawaii issuing a stay-at-home order for the State of Hawaii  between March 25 through May 31, as well as restricted entry and the ensuing drop off of travel to and from the islands, requiring a mandatory 14 day quarantine; we will be suspending our operations.  We will resume operations once these restrictions have been lifted and can operate under normal operating conditions as we have been. 

You will be able to purchase meal plans, place orders, utilize and/or purchase gift certificates once the state of emergency restrictions have been lifted.  You will know we are operating and accepting orders, as this page will be replaced by our normal eCommerce website. 

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and patronage.  Please be safe and stay home, to help flatten the curve and eliminate this viral threat.   By doing so, we will all be able to resume our normal daily life activities much sooner; I’m sure we will all have a greater appreciation for that which we have taken for granted unknowingly. 

Sending everyone around the world positive energy